Should you hold out or sell out?

So what do you do when you need a job but, the job you’ve just been offered isn’t your dream job? Should you take it or hold out until the ‘right’ one comes along? After all, it may be some time before another offer comes your way.

This is more than a simply a question of yes or no. If the bills are piling up and the mortgage company is knocking at your door then yes, you may have to accept the job on offer. But if you’re financially set and can afford to hold out for a while, then do so.

If you make the choice – forced or otherwise – to accept a position that is below your potential, you have to approach it in the right mindset. Instead of being resentful, look at it as an opportunity – albeit in the short term – to learn new skills or even try your hand at an entirely different industry, whilst at the same time never taking your eye of your overall objective to land the job you really want. Besides, if you are as good as you say you are then your ability to hit the ground running during this interim period combined with your penchant for short-term success could be a welcome boost to your self-confidence.

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