With social media here to stay and influence all aspects of business practice, will video interviewing become the norm during the recruitment process?

As a regular follower of Andy Headworth’s Tweets and blog I read with interest the current debate surrounding the pros and cons of using video as a central part of the job application process. Canvassing the thoughts and opinions of some of the leading players within our industry – some for and some against – his blog is a thought-provoking piece. Here’s my tuppence worth.

As the blog rightly points out, Mario Gedicke (aka Mayomann) has a vested interest in all things video – as that’s how he makes his living. However, his comment that both interviewer and candidate will be “comfortable in their own environment and therefore more relaxed and [less] nervous” is surely something of concern? Conducting an interview whereby the candidate is at home is something that I would not recommend. Here’s why. Read more of this post